Nothing is more important than your health.

Huebner Chiropractic is a friendly, caring and dedicated group of professionals that focus on YOU..

Chiropractic is an important building block for your health today and tomorrow.

Along with yearly physicals and regular dental checkups, chiropractic should also be a regular part of your wellness plan.

Why do so many residents of San Antonio choose Huebner Chiropractic?

RESULTS- When you are considering chiropractic care you want a doctor who delivers results. As a team we will establish your goals set on a timeline to achieve just that. When our patients adhere to this plan we see great results time and time again! If not, no need to worry what you will do next. Referral to the appropriate medical professional will be given.

TRUST- Our patients return time and time again because of the trust we have established. They know we have their best interest at heart and is why they continue to refer their friends and family to our office.

CONVENIENCE- We understand you are busy with work, activities and family and is why we offer late and weekend hours. You can count on our office to make your appointments quick and easy. If you are tired of finding yourself sitting hours in a waiting room our office is for you. Many patients even come on their lunch hour.