ARPwave Therapy

At Huebner Chiropractic in our continuing efforts to provide the very latest in therapeutic care, we are excited to now offer the ARPwave Technology and Protocols to address the neurological origins of your pain or injury. Created by Denis Thompson and Jay Schroeder, this patented and FDA Approved system of rehab and performance has treated more than 90,000 patients over a 15 year period with better than a 95% track record of success to help you recuperate exponentially faster (1/10th the time) from injury and chronic pain.


Why ARPwave as opposed to Physical Therapy or Airrosti?

man getting treated with arp wave therapyTraditional physical therapy focuses on the physiological aspect of an injury. While this is an important part of healing it does not address the reason why an injury occurred in the first place. It also does not address the compensation patterns that occur once a soft tissue has been damaged.

Airrosti focuses on a specific anatomical component of an injury (fascia). While patients typically get pain relief in 3 visits many injuries can re-occur. For example, someone can get pain relief from an ankle sprain but the ankle gets sprained again in the future and the patient finds themselves facing the same issue.

The ARPwave system focuses on the neurological origin of your muscle failure that caused your injury or pain. Injuries (joint problems, tears, sprains, fractures, sports injuries or chronic pain, etc) are caused due to the muscles’ inability to absorb force. In other words, one of your muscles is not doing the job they are supposed to be doing, which is to act like “shock absorbers” and absorb force. When this happens the force is transferred to parts of your body NOT meant to absorb that force thereby causing pain, injury to muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints and fascia with discomfort. You also develop compensation patterns that can further cause soft tissue damage to other areas of your body. Using the ARPwave System we are able to neurologically “Search” and find the muscles that are not doing their job and absorbing force. Once we locate this neurological origin, we treat it, fix compensation patterns and thus eliminate the cause of your pain. This prevents the same injury from re-occurring. You typically will see results from your very 1st session!


Is a referral necessary to receive the ARPwave treatment?

No referral is necessary from your primary care physician, surgeon, neurologist or orthopedist. If you are a candidate for the ARPwave treatment we will send a narrative report to the appropriate doctor at your request. Your first visit is complimentary and includes a consultation and treatment so you can see the results for yourself. To schedule an appointment call 210-697-9700.

About the ARPwave Therapy

  • The ARPwave System is a breakthrough in soft tissue rehabilitationathletes using arp wave therapy
  • The ARPwave System features a state of the art patented electrical modality classified by the FDA as a class 2 medical device and proprietary protocols. It is approved by the FDA for the relaxation of muscle spasms, prevention and retardation of disuse atrophy, increase of local blood circulation, muscle re-education, maintaining and increasing range of motion.
  • The ARPwave combines proprietary neuromuscular stimulation with specific exercises and movements that have been proven to eliminate pain and increase range of motion
  • Your muscles contract 2 times per second; when you are on the ARPwave device, your muscles contract 500 times per second, therefore, you are healing a lot faster
  • The pain you feel is where the problem ended, not where the problem is coming from
  • Our technology finds the neurological origin of the muscle failure and gets the muscles to absorb force
  • The result: Typically we can Prevent Surgery, Reduce Recovery Time, End Pain and Increase Range-Of-Motion

 Who Uses the ARPwave System

The ARPwave Therapy is used by over 1,000 of the most elite athletes in the world; on top of over 90,000 patients treated over the last 15 years. We work on everyone, regardless of age or occupation. If you have a soft tissue injury such as a sprain/strain, tendonitis, fasciitis, bursitis, tear or pull the ARPwave will help heal you in 1/10th the time and is why it is different from chiropractic, massage therapy, physical therapy, lasers, ice, rest, compression or surgery. If you have chronic pain from an old injury that never healed correctly, neck or back disc problems, migraines/headaches or fibromyalgia the ARPwave will find the areas of scar tissue, inflammation and disuse atrophy that has now occurred hence your chronic pain.

A few names you might recognize:

  • Golf: PGA Arron Oberholser, Peter Jacobsen, Chris Loughney
  • Hockey: Tim Thomas, Bret Hedican, Jonathan Toews, Darby Hendrickson
  • Football: Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall, Dwight Freeney, Santana Moss, Edgarrin James, Larry Fitzgerald, Tim Hightower, Karlos Dansby
  • Basketball: Shaquille O’Neal, Kevin Garnett, Blake Griffin
  • Baseball: LaTroy Hawkins, Torii Hunter, Eric Chavez, Randy Johnson, Barry Zito
  • Soccer: Mario Santan, Alessandro Del Piero
  • Tennis: Novak Djokovic, Bethanie Sands Mattek, Mike Bryan, Bob Bryan
  • Cycling: Leah Prudomme
  • MMA: Guy Mezger