Massage Therapy

During the exam procedure, the doctor notes any areas of muscle tension, spasm or restricted spinal joint movement. If part of your personalized Plan of Care , the massage therapist working under the doctor’s direction, will apply muscle techniques to:

  • help reduce muscle spasm
  • decrease trigger points (knots that refer pain to other parts of the body such as in the neck causing a headache)
  • improve circulation
  • flush tissue congestion
  • restore normal tissue elasticity to the problem area or area

Back massage

In many cases, this helps to relieve the pain and speed the bodies healing process as well as improving muscle tone and overall spinal mobility. Getting a massage prior to seeing one of the doctors can also allow the adjustment to be more effective.

Just want to come in for a massage? No problem! Seeing the doctor is not required and our massage therapist have enough knowledge to listen to your needs and address the areas that need work on while using the appropriate techniques. We do not make it confusing charging different prices for different massages as a lot of times patients are not sure of what they need and are overwhelmed when given a menu to pick from.


  • 30 minute massage: $40
  • 45 minute massage: $55
  • 60 minute massage: $70