Our Unique Whiplash Treatment Approach

Our treatment here at Huebner Chiropractic for Whiplash takes on a whole new and different approach than ANY other chiropractic or physical therapy offices in San Antonio. Instead of doing traditional chiropractic and/or physical therapy we utilize the ARPwave therapy and are the ONLY office in the greater San Antonio area to offer this technology. ARPwave stands for Advanced Recovery Performance. Although we had added this service to our office 2 years ago to treat sports injuries we have found it to be superior to traditional treatment methods for whiplash. We have even been referred the toughest whiplash cases from other medical providers where other treatments had failed. After treating dozens of whiplash patients we have created a protocol that has allowed patients to get back to their normal self in a shorter period of time with a significant decreased chance of re-occurring pain or need for referral to a specialist or pain management. (See Testimonials Below)

If you have suffered from a Whiplash call us today at 210-697-9700! Our front desk staff will help you not only with scheduling your first appointment but with any insurance questions you may have.

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In Football it’s a penalty to block someone in the back. This rule is designed to prevent the injury known as whiplash. When the body is suddenly and violently pushed forward, leaving the head behind, this causes an injury to neck which results in a large number of debilitating symptoms.

In real life, this injury known as whiplash, is often the result of a car accident or a fall. When the head snaps forward, to catch up to the body, the traumatic neck injury is due to ligament damage, pinched nerves, muscle tearing, spasm and spinal misalignment. Even a low-speed impact in an auto accident can cause whiplash and should be taken very seriously. Whiplash symptoms can occur instantly but usually can take days, or even weeks, to develop.

painful neck injury treatment

Symptoms of a Whiplash:


  • Neck pain
  • Neck burning
  • Headaches (dull to severe)
  • Muscle spasms
  • Shoulder pain
  • Dizziness
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Arm pain and/or tingling
  • Disorientation

The constant barrage of symptoms can make whiplash a debilitating problem. If left untreated your ligaments and muscles can heal wrong and form scar tissue. Also your vertebrae can remain misaligned, causing chronic neck pain or headaches, loss of range of motion and potential arthritic changes.

Proven Whiplash Results

ARPwave therapy is proving over and over again to be a real solution with permanent results for patients suffering from the symptoms of whiplash. Huebner Chiropractic is home to the Exclusive ARPwave Clinic in San Antonio – Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab. For more information and testimonials, you can visit our web site at www.NeuroSportsPerformance.com


I was in a three-car accident and my car was the last car that got hit so the force of two cars impacted my car. I was in the passenger seat hunched over because I was eating. When my car was hit, my face hit the glove compartment and I bounced back to my seat. I couldn’t move because I was in so much pain.

Months went by and I wasn’t able to do normal day to day things such as sit in class for more than a few minutes or go to the gym. I even had to quit my cheer squad because I wasn’t even able to stand up for more than a couple of minutes. It was safe to say that I was ridiculously miserable, I couldn’t even breathe properly. I finally decided that enough was enough I wanted my old life back and I wanted to be active.

I could not deal with the pain any more so I started to research what I could do to improve my health. I came to the conclusion that I should go to a Chiropractor. I found the best Chiropractor in San Antonio, Huebner Chiropractic. I went in for my first evaluation and it was wonderful. Everyone was friendly and the ambiance was incredible but it turned out that I had a severe case of whiplash, which would explain all the pain. During my first evaluation my doctor recommended that I start something called the ARPwave therapy. At first I was very curious to see why she wanted me to try something that is for professional athletes, I thought to myself “I wasn’t in an athlete accident why would this help me?” Well I was wrong. With my first treatment with the ARPwave therapy I could FEEL my neck and back being fixed; I could FEEL my muscles strengthening. It was so strange to not be in so much pain, I couldn’t believe that the ARPwave worked so fast. The ARPwave therapy fixed me! I went into the office being so depressed and on the verge of tears with every movement I made and now I couldn’t feel better I can’t stop smiling. I feel better than before the accident. The ARPwave is INCREDIBLE! I still cannot believe that in a short amount of time I was completely healed and I have and Huebner Chiropractic and ARPwave therapy to thank.

Edilia Rachel Felipe

As a result of being hit from behind by a truck while sitting at a light I had terrible pain in my neck, and intolerable headaches. I was plagued with three different headaches that would sometimes put me out of commission. I was on several prescriptions, had shots in my neck, did physical therapy, and had to continually follow up with my doctors, with not much relief to my symptoms. After a year of taking the advice from doctors I decided to trust my instincts and see a chiropractor. I was referred to Dr. Earley, who helped me make real progress for the first time since the accident. She recommended a session of ARP treatment. After the first treatment progress was made, that’s how I was able to tell I was a good candidate. I continued my ARP treatments at Huebner Chiropractic, and my pain reduced steadily through the last session, my headaches were less frequent with less intensity, and lasted a shorter period of time. In the end I was able to have my life back.

Amber M.