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Car Accident or Car Wreck? Whiplash? We Can Help You!

100% Insurance coverage

No Out-of-Pocket Expense

No Insurance Rate Increases


We Walk You Through The Claims Process

Auto Accident Treatment in San Antonio, Texas

Car Accident Chiropractor san antonio tx

We Help San Antonio Auto Accident Injuries

Every day thousands of people are injured from auto accidents, ranging from small fender benders to very severe auto accidents, causing whiplash, and neck, back and shoulder misalignment.

While many difficulties of pain, swelling and loss of function caused by injuries can be eased with rest and medication, there are many that can be helped with natural solutions that restore the alignment of the body back to its natural frame to alleviate the pain and inflammation caused by an injury.

Chiropractic spinal manipulation helps return the spine and neck vertebrae back into is proper order to reduce inflammation and pain cause by the effects of an auto accident as well as decrease the recovery time of the patient.  Returning the vertebrae, discs and spinal column back to its original alignment reduces the strain put on other muscles, tendons and ligaments that often overcompensate for the injury.

Have you been involved in a motor vehicle accident?


Did you know that filing a personal injury protection claim under your auto insurance does NOT make your rates go up?


No matter how severe or minor the collision may seem, even fender benders can wreak havoc on the proper alignment of the spine and cause muscle tightness and pain. Sometimes this occurs immediately following impact, and sometimes it occurs years down the road. Pain is one way the body lets us know something is wrong. Pain is also one of the last symptoms to appear and one of the first to go away, so it is important to seek proper care sooner rather than later after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Chiropractic care can help realign the spine, decrease pain & swelling, and can help prevent or reduce muscle tightness & spasm from happening.


It is CRUCIAL that you understand that filing a personal injury protection claim under your insurance will NOT raise your rate for auto insurance!

Our Unique Whiplash Treatment Approach

Our treatment here at Huebner Chiropractic for whiplash takes on a whole new and different approach than ANY other chiropractic or physical therapy offices in San Antonio.


Instead of doing traditional chiropractic and/or physical therapy we utilize the ARPwave therapy and are the ONLY office in the greater San Antonio area to offer this technology.


ARPwave stands for Advanced Recovery Performance. Although we had added this service to our office 2 years ago to treat sports injuries we have found it to be superior to traditional treatment methods for whiplash. We have even been referred the toughest whiplash cases from other medical providers where other treatments had failed.


After treating dozens of whiplash patients we have created a protocol that has allowed patients to get back to their normal self in a shorter period of time with a significant decreased chance of re-occurring pain or need for referral to a specialist or pain management.

If you have suffered from whiplash call us today at 210-697-9700! Our front desk staff will help you not only with scheduling your first appointment but with any insurance questions you may have.

When to Seek Treatment?


Knowing how to seek treatment following a motor vehicle accident can seem very confusing, especially at this time, but it’s not. First, no matter where you seek treatment, you need to know some basic terminology that will be used throughout your care.

Personal Injury Protection aka PIP: This is usually included in your auto insurance plan and is designed to be used following a motor vehicle accident in order to help you receive proper medical care. Using it will not raise your rates or impact you negatively at all in the eyes of your insurance company or the doctor! In fact, it is so easy to use that when scheduling a chiropractic appointment with us, all we will need is your name, the name of the insurance company, the claim number, and your adjustor’s name and phone number!


There is no copay or deductible—you simply make an appointment, come in, get treated and leave!

Insurance Agent: For most people, this is the person that you bought your auto insurance from. You may have met with them in the office, spoken with them over the phone, and/or communicated with them online. This is also the first person that people call when filing a claim, however, most agents will NOT inform or remind you that you have personal injury protection (aka PIP) included on your insurance plan. In Texas, having PIP is not mandatory, but opting out requires certain signed documentation.

Insurance Adjuster:  When you call your insurance agent to make a claim after an accident, often times they will redirect you to an insurance adjuster. If making a claim for personal injury as well as automobile damage, you will have two different adjusters, one that will handle each claim separately. The adjuster will gather some information from you and will provide you with a claim number. When speaking with an insurance adjuster, it is important to write down their name, their telephone number, and the claim number (also know the name of the insurance company you use as we will need this information in order to schedule you an appointment). ALSO, when speaking with your adjuster, be SURE to ask how much PIP is included on your plan, as they will NOT release this information to doctor’s offices so we CANNOT call for you. Most people have either $2,500 or $5,000 worth of PIP included in their insurance. This is an important number to know and it is also important to specify whether that is for just yourself or if it is a total amount covering you and the other members on your plan! 

Claim Number: This number is given to you by the adjuster. It is basically a reference number that allows the insurance company, the doctor’s office, or anyone involved in the accident to look up information on the case without having to search. You will be provided with a unique and individualized claim number and it is important to know this, as you will need it in order to receive care at any doctor’s office.

Third Party Insurance:  This term is refers to the automobile insurance of the person that caused the accident. Third party insurances DO NOT pay doctor’s office directly, therefore, receiving care using third party becomes much more time consuming and confusing. This route would require full payment upon service each and every time you go to the doctor. In addition to having to pay upfront, you are provided with a bill (called a “superbill”) which you will be personably responsible for submitting to the insurance company. Payment will then be made to you, but could take quite some time to get processed. The easier thing to do is to just utilize your own PIP and leave all the paperwork to us!


How To Go About Receiving Treatment:

  1. Call your insurance company and ask if you have PIP. If so, ask how much and tell them you would like to file a claim utilizing your PIP.

  2. After giving the details to the claim’s adjustor, write down their name, phone number, and your claim number.

  3. Call our office and let us know you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Provide us with some simple information including the name of your insurance company, the adjuster’s name/phone number, and the claim number.

  4. Make an appointment that works best for you.

  5. Come into the office on the day of your visit and let us take care of you and the rest of the paperwork! You won’t need to pay anything (other than a one time medical records fee) or do anything other than focus on getting better.

  6. Relax knowing that you are being taken great care of and that your insurance rates will NOT increase from making a claim or receiving treatment!

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