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Auto Accident Treatment in San Antonio, Texas

Every day thousands of people are injured from auto accidents, ranging from small fender benders to very severe auto accidents, causing whiplash, and neck, back and shoulder misalignment.

While many difficulties of pain, swelling and loss of function caused by injuries can be eased with rest and medication, there are many that can be helped with natural solutions that restore the alignment of the body back to its natural frame to alleviate the pain and inflammation caused by an injury.

Chiropractic spinal manipulation helps return the spine and neck vertebrae back into is proper order to reduce inflammation and pain cause by the effects of an auto accident as well as decrease the recovery time of the patient.  Returning the vertebrae, discs and spinal column back to its original alignment reduces the strain put on other muscles, tendons and ligaments that often overcompensate for the injury.

Our Unique Whiplash Treatment Approach

Our treatment here at Huebner Chiropractic for whiplash takes on a whole new and different approach than ANY other chiropractic or physical therapy offices in San Antonio.


Instead of doing traditional chiropractic and/or physical therapy we utilize the ARPwave therapy and are the ONLY office in the greater San Antonio area to offer this technology.


ARPwave stands for Advanced Recovery Performance. Although we had added this service to our office 2 years ago to treat sports injuries we have found it to be superior to traditional treatment methods for whiplash. We have even been referred the toughest whiplash cases from other medical providers where other treatments had failed.


After treating dozens of whiplash patients we have created a protocol that has allowed patients to get back to their normal self in a shorter period of time with a significant decreased chance of re-occurring pain or need for referral to a specialist or pain management.

If you have suffered from whiplash call us today at 210-697-9700! Our front desk staff will help you not only with scheduling your first appointment but with any insurance questions you may have.

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