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Meet Our San Antonio Chiropractor

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Dr. James Garrett

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Sheri Earley, D.C.

Owner/Clinic Director


Dr. Sheri Earley opened Huebner Chiropractic in 2003 having only lived in San Antonio for a short while. She has gone from knowing only a few people to treating over 10,000 patients since! Even with the large number of patients she has seen, she takes her time with every patient developing a relationship of trust. Dr. Earley loves celebrating successes with her patients whether its meeting goals that she made for patients in her office, a job promotion or a move into a dream home. Dr. Earley likes getting to know her patient more than just their pain and is why many patients return when they need a chiropractor even if its been years since they've been in. 


Her passion is community education. She has attended over 100 health fairs, wellness fairs and spa days to companies, hospitals, banks and schools in San Antonio. She quickly learned how friendly Texans were!


She has been able to educate the community on proper posture, ergonomics in the workplace and how to reduce stress and anxiety. To extend on community awareness of the benefits of chiropractic, she held the position of Director of External Affairs for the Texas Chiropractic Association prior to having children. She is now actively involved in the PTA and serves as the Healthy Lifestyles chair.


Dr. Earley’s goal outside of treating her own patients, is to give people in the San Antonio community who are suffering in pain, the education to make informed decisions on the course of care they would like to take. Unfortunately, many people only know of over the counter or prescription drugs as an answer which do not fix the problem but acts as a band-aid while creating potential side effects. 


Dr. Earley treats patients of all ages. Its never surprising to see a pregnant mom to be, a new mom holding her 6 month old baby, a veteran, a family of five, or a daughter who brought in her 80 year old mother all sitting in her waiting room.


​Dr. Earley is a member of the American Chiropractic Association, Texas Chiropractic Association and National University Alumni Association.


When Dr. Earley is not busy healing her patients, she is busy running her household! If she is not Ubering her 3 children to sports practices, games or recitals, she is planning and preparing healthy meals or helping with homework. In her spare time, she loves planning family vacations and activities, reading and digital scrapbooking.


  • Doctor of Chiropractic degree from National University of Health Sciences, Lombard, IL: 2001

  • B.S. in Human Anatomy from National University of Health Sciences, Lombard, IL: 1999

  • B.S. in Biology from Fredonia State University, Fredonia, NY: 1998

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