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veteran chiropractor san antonio

We Help Veterans

At Huebner Chiropractic, our philosophy is that those who served our country should be served with the best care that we can provide. You gave sacrificially to our nation, now let us give back to you by offering superior chiropractic care.

Huebner Chiropractic works directly with the veteran’s administration to help veterans recover from neuromusculoskeletal pain.


To receive care from our clinic, contact your PCM and request a referral to Huebner Chiropractic for the conditions you are experiencing. Ensure that your PCM is sending a referral for all regions of pain (neck, midback, low back). After the referral is sent, your PCM will schedule you for an x-ray of the affected region. Following this, your information will be sent to our office and we will be able to schedule you for a new patient appointment. We look forward to serving you!

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