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Chiropractic Care in San Antonio, Texas for Ankle Pain Management

Chiropractor San Antonio TX

We Help Ankle Pain

Ankles are extremely durable to carry the weight of the body and are made up of a complex structure of bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. 


Ankles carry the brunt of the body’s weight as well as the motion it puts into place.  While the foot is stationary or is slowed by the contact with the ground, the ankle is intrinsically designed to carry and absorb the majority of the energy and motion the body makes, therefore making injuries to the ankle region very common.

Some of the most common injuries to the ankle which cause pain include: tendonitis, stress fractures, dislocation, arthritis, tendon rupture, sprains, and strains.


If you have not experienced an acute injury, your ankle pain could be caused by weight, misalignment of the spine, hips or pelvis and most commonly from flat feet. Once you schedule an appointment, our chiropractor who specializes in ankle and foot biomechanics, will determine the cause of your pain and if treatment and/or custom made orthotics would be most appropriate.

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