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Chiropractic Rehabilitation in San Antonio, Texas

Chiropractic rehabilitation san antonio tx

We Help You Recover!

Once you are an established patient we can determine if you also need a customized exercise program through our proprietary Functional Evaluation. This evaluation tests many facets of your ability to stretch, move, balance, walk and do basic exercises. From there a prescription for rehabilitative stretches and exercises is written that is tailored just for you. 


  • Improves posture

  • Aids in strengthening the muscles around the spine to help hold your adjustments

  • Restores any weaknesses that were contributing to your pain

  • Done one on one with our trainer instead of in a big open bay area

  • Once completed, gives you confidence to start or return to your desired exercise program or extracurricular activity outside of our office


If you would like to make a chiropractic rehabilitation appointment, please call our office to schedule.

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