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Chiropractic Care in San Antonio, Texas for Back Pain Management

Chiropractor San Antonio TX

We Help Back Pain

Back pain can occur for a variety of reasons, including sitting too long at work, playing sports, carrying your children, cleaning the floors, lifting bags of groceries from the car, sleeping wrong, or weight gain.


Add to this a slip or fall or a previous car accident and it’s not to difficult to see why studies show that approximately 80% of Americans will suffer from lower back pain at some time during their life.


We see patients with intense lower back pain who simply slept wrong. Now, of course it wasn’t sleeping that's causing the back pain, but rather the lower back’s structure (meaning the muscles, joints, discs and bones) losing their ability to function normally and causing the loss of normal support for the spine.

If this sounds like you, schedule today! We'd be glad to help you with your back pain.

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