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Chiropractic Care in San Antonio, Texas for Foot Pain Management

Chiropractor San Antonio TX

We Help Foot Pain

Foot pain is often caused by improper and poor alignment of the bone structure, most commonly know as pronated feet or flat feet. What can cause this? Often times it is inherited from our parents, but can also be caused by weight or multiple pregnancies. Pair that with improperly fitted shoes and you can be experiencing: 


  • Plantar fasciitis- pain on the bottom of your foot getting out of bed or after sitting too long

  • Burning on the ball of your foot

  • Pain on the top of your foot wearing socks or shoes

  • Painful bunions (bump on the side of your foot by your big toe)


Once you schedule an appointment, our chiropractor who specializes in ankle and foot biomechanics, will determine the cause of your pain and if treatment and/or custom made orthotics would be most appropriate.

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