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Are you new to chiropractic, looking to find a new chiropractor, or just moved to the San Antonio area?

Do NOT schedule an appointment……. until you read this.

This guide will assist you in finding the perfect fit for your chiropractic needs.


1. Location

With San Antonio’s ever growing size and never ending construction, I would suggest to search within a 5 mile radius from your office or home.


2. Available appointment times 

Visiting a chiropractor is just like going to the gym or dieting. We are making changes to your body and that will take multiple visits. Once you have determined your preference of time for your visits, i.e after work, you can determine if the chiropractor’s availability aligns with your schedule by looking at the times they are open.


3. Experience 

Look for someone with a good amount of experience behind their name. Read their bio and look for when they graduated, if they are under the mentorship of another chiropractor or how long they have owned their practice.


4. A well-versed Chiropractor 

A chiropractor’s job is very complex. Look for these skills:

Bedside manner- Since chiropractic involves direct contact, you want someone you feel comfortable with.

 • Diagnostic skills- Since chiropractors specialize in the musculoskeletal system, there are many things that patients can present with. You want someone who not only does a thorough examination, but also has the ability to take x-rays if needed so they can make a proper diagnosis. Always be leary of a health care provider that does not require an examination.

Adjusting skills- Just like playing a sport, practice makes perfect. Also, with the rise of YouTube and TikTok, many chiropractors are doing different types of adjustments that were not taught in school for the “wow” factor. Look for a chiropractor that can do different types of school taught adjustments to accommodate your needs.


5. Treatments offered 

Do you know chiropractors can do more than just perform an adjustment? For example, if you are having sciatica, therapeutic ultrasound works to calm the sciatic nerve down and relieve the radiating pain down the leg. Another example is the ability to show the patient stretches and exercises to aid in their healing process. Look for someone who has multiple tools in their office to get you better faster.


6. Your future goals 

Many times, patients present to my office with their only goal of getting rid of their pain. However, as we start to heal their body, not having to focus on their pain anymore their mindset changes. They start doing rehab exercise in our office which leads them to want to start going to the gym. This leads to better mental health and weight loss and now they want advice on a better diet, supplements, improved sleep health or work ergonomics. I have had the pleasure of truly transforming patients’ lives in ways they didn’t expect when they first walked into my office.


If that is something you could be interested in, look for a chiropractic office that promotes overall health and can give you advice on lifestyle modifications. If not, chiropractic offices that offer memberships like The Joint will be more in line of what you are looking for- walk in, lay down, receive an adjustment and be on your way.


7. Cost 

Be prepared to invest in your health. “Health” insurance should be called “sick” insurance as many things are not covered to get you healthy and keep you healthy. And if the services are covered, most patients are now required to meet a high deductible. A deductible is an amount ($1,000-$5,000) that a patient needs to pay to medical providers before the insurance pays. Add onto that the premiums to just have insurance and it can be very frustrating, trust me I know with 3 kids in braces all at once!


If you have insurance, check your chiropractic benefits and if you have a high deductible that you are pretty sure you will not meet (chiropractic care RARELY satisfies the deductible due to lower costs), do not base your decision on choosing a chiropractor due to your insurance because you will be paying out of pocket anyhow.


Most medical practices will honor a cash time of service discount due to lowered administration costs by not billing your insurance and could be of benefit to you.


8. Reviews 

Did you know that 90% of people read online reviews? When reading reviews look for things like staff friendliness, office environment and the outcome of patient care. Also see how the office responds to their reviews.


If you think our office aligns with what you are looking for CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment.


Looking forward to treating you,


Dr. Sheri Earley

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